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Slang description of disproportionately pronounced/overhanging female posterior. Exeptionally round set of large buttocks on a woman.
She got dat apple bottom, yo.
by Jeff November 16, 2003
1. (adj.) To be naturally unlucky. To suffer constant misfortune.

2. (v.) To make a decision which seems to be innocent, but actually leads to undesired consequences and often catastrophic misfortune.
adj: Bobby, who sucks at life, tripped and landed on the rusty, AIDS infected syringe.

v: Brian sucked at life when he made the decision to invest all of his money in Enron right before the huge scandal.
by Jeff October 26, 2004
Short for Pacific North West
I heard that Kevin is going to be back in the PNW for Thanksgiving.
by Jeff August 11, 2004
rower- one who rows. a.k.a., one who competes in the sport of crew. More often than not, rowers do not fit into a pre-defined social category, but, in stead, prefer each other's company and don't put too much effort into outward appearance. Exceptions to this rule occur when rowing when the ugliest clothes available are always in fashion. Ever rower knows, however, that the ultimate fashion statement is embodied in an article of National Team Gear, which only the best rowers in the country can earn. Concentrations of rowers can be found, yet are not limited to New England, Philadelphia, Detroit, and the Pacific Coast. Rowers are usually really good guys.
2003 Princeton Heavyweight Freshman were a group of really good rowers. Four of them have been on a national team.
by Jeff July 26, 2004
Black Cock Slut. This is fairly new terminology. Most people still think you're talking about NCAA Football.
That overweight white girl with the big earrings is a BCS.
by Jeff March 02, 2006
The scales of Trogdor the Burninator
by Jeff June 12, 2003
a right hook to the jaw.to catch a fade is to get socked in the face.
That bitch K Douv was talking shit so he caught my fade.
by jeff March 20, 2005

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