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409 definitions by jeff

popular lingo created by Ryans old girlfriend who described everything as dank as fuck, basically just means really dank.
"That system of a down shirt is dank as fuck"-Dank as fuck girl
by Jeff January 22, 2005
The word ream is derived from the egyptians, it is believed to mean a whale's vagina.

The actual definition is: To completely dominate or own somebody beyond belief.
"Damn i totally REAMED you in that race the other day" or "I reamed that guy in a fight"
by Jeff March 01, 2005
a white person that is trash
fuck that pecker-wood he's white trash man.
by jeff April 20, 2005
a red headed person, whom logically has red hair on their ass as well.
Look at that fireass over there. Scorching everything he sits on.
by jeff March 05, 2005
A stupid bitch thats always throwing Inuyasha off track and upsetting Kagome.
After Kikyo is a major character in an episode, it usually takes Inuyasha and or Kagome an episode or two to recover.
by Jeff September 15, 2004
horny randy upforit madforit gaggingforit right-on-it etcetc
see above
by jeff May 04, 2003
The extent of relationship advice that most GameFAQs users can give
1: "I really need help. There's this girl I really like, but I can't get her to notice me. What do I do?"
2: "Pee in her butt!"
by Jeff September 17, 2004