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n. Symbol appearing (usually above one's head) when an unwelcomed outside party is seen.

When red, unwelcomed party will be pursued.

When yellow, odd noise or object will be investegated.
What was that sound?
I see him/her! It's the enemy!
by Jeff February 18, 2004
Usually used as a hockey term. A dangler noun refers to a player who can deke out or "undress" the opposing player.
Watch out, #2 is a dangler
by Jeff July 27, 2004
A great game played with a frisbee invented by Joel Silver and Buzzy Hellring at Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ in 1968.
Let's go play some ultimate!!!
by Jeff April 08, 2003
A sport women do while driving in the car by themselves, usually with the window rolled up so they can "score" the stinkocity velocity. This is why they prefer leather seating.
Woman in car alone: EEEERRRIIIIPPPPP - sniff sniff, "Good one, I cannot wait until bunco so I can tell the girls"
by jeff April 30, 2004
When a person is old, but hot, then they are spry
Is your grandma spry?
by Jeff June 28, 2004
My Favorite band who i've seen a bunch of times and hung out with them and theyre super fun and know me by name and its cool, listen to them. theyre touring with blink 182 soon, but thats not a reflection on them as a band. go to www.purevolume.come/motioncitysoundtrack to hear some of their stuff, or just go to www.motioncitysoundtrack.com for more info. These guys are gonna be huge, id bet a million dollars on it.
Justin - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Josh - Backup Vocals, Guitar
Matt - Backup Vocals, Bass
Jessie - Moog (YES MOOG IS GOD)
Tony - Kickass kickin ass drummer

i suggest them to my highest authority. see them live, listen to their album, YOU NEED TO
album is called "I am the movie"
I am Jeff, I am in the condiment crew. MCS Rocks my world.
by Jeff January 25, 2004
From old blues songs, particularly the Chicago style; a reference to the location in the slaughterhouse where the stock was killed and then butchered, hence a scene of danger, difficulty, bloodshed, etc.
Man, it sure is tough down on the killing floor today!
by jeff August 07, 2004
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