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1) Damage per second. Often used to qualify how much damage weapons do in MMORPG's rather than by cryptic damage range and speed ratings
Man, I have the Glowing Green Axe of cutting and it does 56.3 DPS!
by Jeb December 28, 2004
Having or possessing the property of a devilishly handsome Indian-American male.
My boyfriend should start dressing more Kumar.

That guy is so Kumar he's out of my league.
by Jeb February 02, 2005
The horizontally opposed and turbocharged 4 cylinder flagship engine of Subaru cars. It has been used in Legacy and Impreza models, and is known for its small size and massive power output in turbo form.
Versions of it are used in international rally racing Subaru Impreza WRC models.

It was used in all WRX models until the larger EJ25 was introduced for the 2003 WRX STi in North America and in 2006 when the Subaru line was revised and the 2.5 replaced all turbo Subaru engines in North America.
That EJ20 WRX just rolled your Vette in a dubie and smoked it!
by JEB June 11, 2006
N. any badass low-ranking military who takes no shit from anyone, regardless of rank.
tillery popped the captain in the fucking face when he tried to sneak tillery a mexican avalanche.

Colonel: "tillery, you're on trash detail"
Tillery: "before or after I punt your cunt, sir?"
by Jeb February 06, 2005
A male who is extremeley talented and good looking, especially in public speaking and debate.
Ro Kumar is a god.
I wish I was more like Ro Kumar.
by Jeb February 02, 2005
a moron who thinks upsetting others is fun.
omg dxtsu
by Jeb June 01, 2004
stupid little pussy who wants the whole world to know how depressed he is, when in actuality he has everything he could ever possibly need or want
my impression of an emo kid: "i hate my life! my life sucks! i'm gonna kill myself! it's a beautiful day, wanna go for a bike ride?!
by jeb March 07, 2004

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