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is the equivalent of bangers and mash- multiple sausages (penises) in one toad (anal), this may be served with gravy (shit).
Oh I love a bit of bangers and anal.
by japseye September 08, 2007
Is a fest of multiple penises in an anus. It could be multiple penises in a number of anuses (i.e in a gang bang, where every one is doing anal and there is say two people to each anus). Anal fest is an number of penises festering around an anal, like a fly.

Anal fest is similar to anal invader but is based on having more than one anal invader.
Man! there are so many people going in and out, fucking that arse, it's an analfest.
by japseye September 08, 2007
when the clit gets split
clit split when it gets damged during too much foreplay.
by japseye September 08, 2007
Like the 'big bang' the big anal bang is during anal fucking or after it the arse explodes in which shit and farting let loose.

Or it could be the ultimate anal gang bang.
That was so good it was like experiencing the big bang but in an anal way - the big anal bang
by japseye September 08, 2007
Some one who damages or breaks your clit, basically someone who doesn't know how to treat a clit.
Ouch! did you just crack my clit, don't tell me you are a clit cracker?
by japseye September 08, 2007
Some one who breaks or damages you clit by playing with it too hard.
Someone whos licks or fingers a clit so hard that it hurts the female. This could result in a clit crunching sound wherby the clit is damaged or broken. Clit crunchers focus and spend to much time playing hard with the clit. They are as they may bite too hard on your clit. Clit cruncher makes you feel like he is breaking your clit.

God! you rubbed and bit my clit so hard it made a clicking sound you fucking clit-cruncher, you have broken it.
by japseye September 08, 2007
A person who is fucked and without wit. They are beyond stupid. Their brain is utterly fucked as it is fucked up that they have lost their wits about them - hence the term 'fuckwit'.
Person who has reicived on going fucking to the head, or who is beyond stupid hence fuckwit.
by japseye September 08, 2007

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