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The box is an imaginary object. When somebody has been smoking weed/head shop and it is too much for them they start to get on a 'bad buzz' and this leads to them 'greening out'. In the event of this, the person can be sent further into the 'bad buzz' by freaking them out and messing with their head. By pretending to place an invisible box over them and everybody continuing as normal but silently, the person feels shut out (or in) from the rest of the world as they can see everything going on but cannot hear. Even when the person 'in the box' starts freaking out and trying to get peoples attention, nobody takes notice or acts differently which makes the person even worse as they really have no idea whats going on.
Human1: I was with ''Jerry'' the other day smoking a blunt and he started 'greening out'.
Human2: Yes, he often does that, what happened?
Human1: I put him in 'The Box' and he got sick after 2 minutes
Human2: Haha, you must have really got him good
by jappy jappy jappy January 09, 2011
A Gang Stomp is when a group of (men/orcs/wizards/hobbits) gathers and all members of the group find a smaller, weaker target to stomp, eg: (5 orcs and 1 hobbit). All members secretly gather around the 'victim' and wait for the signal or 'battle cry'. The signal comes from the leader of the gang: 'The Stompmaster'. All 'stompers' jump from their hiding locations and begin the 'stomping'. The victim is knocked to the ground and the head is the first target, often taken by 'The Stompmaster' because he is the most powerful stomper. The lesser stompers go for the knees and ribs for maximum damage. The event of a Gang Stomp is also referred to as a 'Stomp Party' and is enjoyed by all people in the world.
Caveman1: I do not like that little shrimpy cunt over there
Caveman2: Me either, let's round up the boys and 'Gang Stomp' the bitch!
by jappy jappy jappy January 08, 2011
A dark and lonely place. It has been home to many different gangs and 'creatures' over the years. It is believed that this is where Satan was born. It was also the secret hideout of Jack The Ripper and John Lennon at one point. If you ever go to this place beware, anything could wander in while youre there, creatures like 'A Sharlack', 'A Razzer' or the razzer's older brother; 'The paulijoose'.
Man: I've heard some strange stories about 'Paro'
Guy: I hear that 'the devil' sometimes lurks in there
Man: yeah, and i hear theres a junkie pedophile that lives in there, the euvenetor.
by jappy jappy jappy January 09, 2011
A Mexican slave-boy with physical and mental dissabilities. Resembles a retarded chimpanzee and is used for sex.
I was in Mexico and I hired a Retardo monkey to have sticky-funtime with.
by Jappy jappy jappy September 23, 2010
1)A term used when asking to smoke a (joint/blunt/cigarette) after the person(s) currently smoking it.

2)A term used when asking for the remains (ends/ass) of something eg: (food/drink)

3)A term used when asking for usage of something after somebody is finished with it eg: (bike/doodle jump)
Stoner1: Blow after on d blunt?
Stoner2: Ye, sure man, pass left
Stoner3: Blow after then...
Stoner1: (COUGH COUGH COUGH) holy shit
by jappy jappy jappy January 09, 2011
This is when jizz takes so long to exit the penis that parts of it solidify and form gooey lumps or 'chunks'
Guy1: I was beatin my love-rod last night and i fell asleep just as i was about to blast
Guy2: Shit buzz man, what happened?
Guy1: I woke up and my pubes were covered in 'Chunkyspunk'
Guy2: Nasty man, that shit went lumpy overnight, you should be more careful
by jappy jappy jappy January 09, 2011
A term reffering to masturbation
I was quite randy in school so i hid in the closet for a quick one man hand party
by jappy jappy jappy January 05, 2011
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