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Visiting my fucking in-laws on psychotropic drugs.
We better pack plenty of mushrooms for the road trip to your parents. Then the utter shit that comes out of their mouths might make some sense.
by jam July 11, 2003
Stands for Money Or Nothing Goes On.

Originates from Mongo member of UK hiphop group Mud Family.
A Mongo Situation
by Jam December 12, 2003
Suicidal, depressive, self-harming, anti-social, 'i want to kill myself', attention seeking beings.

4 out of 5 have suicidal visions, carve messages into their skin (can you say infection), bookmark rotten.com and ogrish.com websites, take prozac, and second look anyone who walks past them - they want to see if you are looking at them due to being attention seekers.

Usually unhealth in apperance (usually fat or skinny), pale skinned, walk like zombies and wear more makeup than britney spears at the mtv music awards.
attention seekers
by jam November 18, 2004
A state of being fucked up passed "Mega Baked". So baked that you are near retarded!
Freddy is so fucking ripped that he's at Vista.
by JAM May 16, 2004
Coyote found in NYC's Central Park on April Fools Day in 1999; he now resides in the Queens' Zoo.

(this entry was written in October of 2004)
"The trickiest New Yorker coyote on record was a 43-pound male named Luck Pierre who in 1999 led reporters, police officers, photographers, park rangers, tourists, and at least one helicopter pilot in a chase across Central Park" -- NY Times, City Section, Sunday October 3, 2004.
by jam October 07, 2004
Someone who is "geigh" is usually homosexual, it is loosely linked to the word "gay" (male homosexual) although it has, albeit rarely, been known to be used with reference to lesbians (female homosexuals) as well.
"He is always going on about how he likes the look of guys' bodies - maybe he is geigh"
by jam June 03, 2004
Shitty ass pick-up truck.
My nissan frontier is a piece of shit.
by Jam February 11, 2004

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