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a name.

Girls named Zaire, although rare, are often smart and exotic-looking. Intellects who won't tolerate ignorance and/or stupidity.
Name your daughter this name and she may be bombarded with questions such as "Isnt Zaire a guy name?"
But she will learn to get used to it and ignore peoples' ignorance.
Girls named Zaire have a bright future and are date-able if and only if the guy matches her expectations.
Great in bed i must add.

Guys named Zaire, on the other hand, are usually players, sex-addicts who love to get laid.
they love attractive women and will often go through very difficult obstacles just to talk to one.
But dont be fooled by their streetness, guys named Zaire are also very clever.
"hey i went out with this girl named Zaire last night."
"isnt that a guy name?"
"well thats doesnt matter she was smart and extra sexy"
by footballer12 April 05, 2010
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Zaire is a name of a female and could also be a males name. Females of this name tend to be very sweet and kind, but also very freaky. Zaire is a fantastic person who takes your breathe away. She is extremely gorgeous, caring, thoughtful, and ridiculously smart, always knows exactly what to say. She is extremely talented in every direction. Ask a girl out named "Zaire" and you won't be sorry!
Eric- I go out with this girl named Zaire bro.

Jake- Bro, isn't that a guy's name?

Eric- That doesn't matter. SHE IS SEXY ASF.
by TropicalSugars‚̧ November 14, 2016
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Guys named zaire are the best the cutest and have the biggest dicks!!!!!
Zaire is the best bf in the world
by Hatfjsnsnh March 18, 2017
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Zaire- A greeting commonly used in the ghettos/Detroit and the surrounding areas. Is used in place of What up?/What up doe?/YO/

Ross: "Zaire!"
Moe: "Zaire! What the deal yo?"
Ross: "Just chillin"
by Lucky Hackney September 12, 2012
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Zaire is also a boys name too not just a girls name
Zaire is the most wonderful boy in the world
by Dip n ride March 31, 2017
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