36 definitions by jam

1. Crazy, _____ boy (Where the blank may change to describe the current Aras in a non-insulting matter)
2. One who is very curious or inquisitive (See also Inquisitor)
3. One who does not use logic
Oxymoron: Logical Aras
by JAM November 08, 2004
A very cool guy.. too tall and a lazy butt
get up you MURTAZA!!!
by jam March 31, 2005
n. A species of chimpanzee (Pan paniscus) of north-central Congo (formerly Zaire), having black hair and more arboreal habits than the common chimpanzee (P. troglodytes). Also called pygmy chimpanzee.
That bonobo just fucked his sister for a piece of fruit.
by jam December 21, 2004
The test given to an extremely drunk chick to see if she is fuckable. Involving lifting and dropping her arm 3 times to see if she is cohearant.
Freddy pulled that 1-2-3 Test on that drunk chick and then made out with her.
by JAM May 16, 2004
4 girls who ride around in the ska mobile and know every word to every ska song, who can go front row to every concert and belt every line and have it mean something. They breathe ska.
I see the ska mobile, that damn ska brigade.
by Jam December 01, 2004
A very clever girl in harry potter films and books.
she also has muggle parents witch were asolted in the first film.
hermione granger is clever that ron
by jam December 04, 2003
SimplyJAM Productions. South Florida based promotion company and booking agency for local bands.
SimplyJAM runs the best mutherfuckingshows around.
by Jam February 11, 2004

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