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Large distraction along busy highways usually displaying things I love and conservation bible toting Christians hate (i.e. cleavage, booze, cigarettes and tight asses)
Officier, I wouldn't have rear ended that car if I wasn't staring at those hugh tits on the Trump Marina Billboard.
by jam July 03, 2003
This is one user that likes Nintendo, but respects other's opinions and thinks rationally. His name is not Roy and he hates it when people call him that.
he just own3d him, with his l337ness!

royrules22: Do you really think it is cool to use such acronyms. I mean think about it. Well have opinions to boot..


royrules22 is such an awesome user that deserves more respect.
by jam September 13, 2004
the holy spirit,... that energized feeling you get about Jesus!!!
I got the JC Juice and I'm Jc juicified!!!
by jam July 01, 2003
messed up, stupid, wierd, confused, pretty much anything!!!
what jank?!!
Now that's janked!
by jam July 01, 2003
A can of spray paint used by graffiti artists. Chrome is a favoured colour for painting with due to it's varsatility. Particulary one brand of can called an "XXXL Chrome" It's f**king massive. "XL Chrome" for short.
"I stepped up to the train with a chrome and painted my name"
by Jam November 09, 2004
A branch of the rich kids that broke off because they saw through the bullshit. They often mock the Rich kids by singing La.x
The loser kids sing, "and then go
do my shoes match my shirt?
does my shirt clash with my pants?
do my pants match my eyes?
do my eyes look good tonight?
will this place be cool enough?
your hair looks oh, so tough
this looks so good for us
tonight my money's gonna buy me love"
by Jam December 01, 2004
Skinny, usually blonde fellow, with extremely large hair. Can usually be found listening to hardcore punk music. They normally hate everything.
Colonel loves paint it black.
by Jam February 11, 2004

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