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A romantic comedy.

PS: yeah i know i m as lazy as snail.
mojo: "how was the movie".
aks: "yeah, gr8 i loved it, it wasa romcom."
by its_aks November 20, 2005
well its another of those sleepy ways to sign off/retire... wen u dont have enow energy left to write the whole thing.

it actually expands for :

mj & aks are friends chattin on the net...

mj: dude i gtg its way too late, got a presentation tommorrow.

aks: omg , presentation and all.

mj: just a small one...eh... more so coz um wiped...

aks: okey then, gnsd , take care.
by its_aks October 24, 2005
noun :
the item of clothin you keep for years in the vain hopin you might fit back into it someday.
mj:" hey dude this pair of jeans is a kinda hope couture for me...
by its_aks November 04, 2005
A catchy yet awful song that you just cant't get outta ur head, even after hearing it played just once.

"This song really gets on my nerves and still...!...this is fuckin tortune"
by its_aks November 11, 2005
someone who is always in the back-ground of a live news report, waving stupidly at the camera.
mj: "dude check out that flaparazzi, such a joker."
by its_aks November 04, 2005
the tactful response required when u meet an acquaintance who has proudly changed hi/her hair, face or body in a failed attempt to improve his/ her appearance.
aks:"dude did u see that guy, what crap has he done to his hair,looks like he's got a broom up his head"
mj:"so , did u manage the cosmetic perjury??"
by its_aks November 04, 2005
the space left between the person usin the ATM and the first person in the queue behind them.
mj:"dude, hurry up , or we are done for."

aks:"hold on, i m next to buckstop."
by its_aks November 04, 2005
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