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Easy to use but bloated and unstable operating system used by ignorant sheep, morons who can't work out how to use a decent operating system, and people who like playing games.
Q: What do PC's and air conditioners have in common?
A: They both stop working when you open Windows.
by IkeM September 27, 2003
possessing the characteristics of a pen; pen-like.
"Wow, that pen you have sure is pennicular."
by IkeM September 27, 2003
Outdated practice of permanently locking together two people, based on the outdated concept of religion
"A Marriage is a lot like a coffin.. And each kid is an extra nail"
-Homer Simpson
by IkeM October 07, 2003
1) Phrase used by embittered old bastards who find that a band they liked became popular, so therefore they must suck now.

2) When a band changes style and then appeal more to the mainstream than to it's original fans. Often a band did actually become crap when it once was good: e.g. Incubus, Green Day. However, many bands who 'sold out' were already shit to begin with: e.g. Good Charlotte.
by IkeM October 20, 2003
An 'antiwar protester' referred to by someone, usually a right-wing idiot, who can't spell.
by IkeM November 01, 2003
A medium to large plant, often grown in gardens. A good example is the current US president, whose intelligence and general ability to run a country is below average as far as bushes go. Also known as a shrub.
"It's pronounced B-uh-sh, you fools!"
by IkeM September 27, 2003
A word only used by dorks. Used as a general insult, or sometimes as an incorrect synonym for nerd or geek
"Haha, that dork still says dork. What a dork... Why are you looking at me like that??"
by IkeM October 11, 2003
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