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adj. The quality or condition of being a moron; having a mental age of a ten year old.
"Dude, you're moving to the US? Now THAT's moronic."
by IkeM November 03, 2003
Northern English slang. Short for 'Useless'.
"Don't buy that one- it's completely US"
by IkeM October 10, 2003
Word which rates (towards) number ONE on my top six hundred list of retarded alternatively-spelled words.
'Newbie' Dumbed down for morons who can't handle more than one syllable.
by IkeM October 20, 2003
1) Someone who doesn't take life seriously, preferring to go on about peace and love, take lots of drugs and doing lots of 'free love'. Your stereotypical hippie has long hair, smells bad, speaks in a slurred way and is never even slightly mentally focused.

2) The name townies like to give to anyone around their age who doesn't act like them, especially in musical taste. These include punks, goths, grungers, etc. and anyone even remotely well-dressed or intelligent.

3) Anyone who doesn't agree with a Republican, or attempts to enjoy life.
by IkeM October 26, 2003
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