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A moronic contradiction which defeats the purpose of it being a swear.
This total idiot should be informed that 'arse' is how Brits, Irish people etc say it. Idiot.
by IkeM October 05, 2003
All-time classic show that's beginning to show it's age. Used to be brilliant, but now it's only watchable to good.
The Simpsons was great until the writers started running out of ideas.
by IkeM October 24, 2003
Pounds Sterling. The currency used in Great Britain (the UK). better colour than the dollar, but it's got uglier pictures on it (some queen or something)
"Would you like a pound?"
"er... Sure"
by IkeM October 11, 2003
1) One who punks.
2) Person who listens to Punk Rock music, dresses or/and acts in the general style of a punk.
by IkeM October 25, 2003
A form of government wherein people are forced to believe in the currently residing religion. This usually results in very fanatical labourers and military forces, but the only education is religious propaganda, and technology is nonexistent. Thankfully, this system usually falls down for these reasons. A good example of religious fundamentalism is the Dark Ages in Europe (400 - 800 AD).
by IkeM October 11, 2003
One of the many varieties of flying penguins found in Northern Stgebdun.
by IkeM October 20, 2003
The single best band known to man.
"let's listen to sublime, 'cuz they're great"
by IkeM October 09, 2003

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