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Short For Love, often used in texting or internet chatting.
In a text convo:
Boy: Will You Marry Me?
Girl: Yes
Boy: I LV you
by iMeow November 15, 2009
Short for: shut the fuck up dumb ass. Used on internet sites where people get annoying, or even when talking to a friend about someone you don't agree on. (religion for example)
Internet Example:
Person1: I am better than all of you because i was hte second person to join

Friend1: The big bang never happened.
Friend2: stfuda it did
by imeow November 15, 2009
Short for: Leave me the hell alone. More appropriate then the classic, lmtfa
On a website

Person2: lmtha loser
person1: meanie
by iMeow November 15, 2009
The Name Of a Female Child.
Mother is in a hospital. She has a Baby. "Lets Name Her... Amanda!"
by iMeow November 15, 2009

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