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Reverse spelling og "rimjob." Usually used as a noun by can be used as the verb itself.
That guy Is a total bojmir.

Yeah dude, she gave me a bojmir.
by Lord MagicPants March 09, 2005
bojmir is as stated b4 hand a 'rimjob' backwards. simon has experienced this on a full scale and we all know that kim enjoys giving these lots
aaahhhh simon ur ring is so crusty
by hunter April 18, 2005
a sexual act that involves the licking of the anus
"Bob last night i was doing Rose and she gave me a dirty bojmir....it was fucking insane"

"I took Rebecca over Lindsay because she gives epic bojmirs."
by mrbojmir July 12, 2009
A secret way to say 'rimjob.'
Aidan persuaded lauren to give him a bojmir.
by Baxter Stockman March 13, 2009