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it is the mixture of shit and milk. and /or used as an insult.
thats some good shilk!,god u pile of shilk!!
by scok November 16, 2006
Adjective: Indian
Verb: Any number of actions
Vijay, shut the shilk up.
No Vijay, you can't shilk that whale.
by iheartghandi333333 March 24, 2011
To transform into a teenage mom.
Holy poop! I didn't know that my mom was shilk'd (by my grandpa) when she had me at the age of fifteen!
by Ronald George October 07, 2010
The sugary left-over milk that resides in your bowl after you have finished all of the cereal.

A highly concentrated mixture of sugar and milk often slurped directly from the bowl.
Hayley always looked forward to slurping the blue tinged shilk after a big bowl of Boo-Berry cereal was finished.
by hoochie September 12, 2004
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