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A suburban stay at home cumdumpster who thinks that her opinions count for anything. Usually seen driving an overpriced SUV, talking on her cell phone, and yelling at her kids for stepping on the Macy's bags-all at the same time. Have a tendency to smugly advertise, with bumper stickers, basically everything. Are known for lobbying for tougher alcohol regulations, gun laws, and censorship. Just another good reason to make the laws about homicide more lenient.
"Holy shit! Some soccer mom in her Escalade nearly ran me off the road because she was talking on her cell phone instead of paying attention to the road.
by herrsquidward October 05, 2007
To take a dump in someone's microwave and turn it on. Usually done at the victim's house while he's passed out.
"That guy stiffed me $20, but it's ok, I left a master quiche in his microwave"
by herrsquidward December 18, 2007
Someone, usually a person of rank, who cares more about the opinions of Iraqis or Afghans than they do about their own guys.
Fuck Cpt. Anderson. He's nothing but a Haji Hugger. He makes us take them ice and water out to their checkpoints then blames us any time something goes down.
by herrsquidward March 18, 2010
The reverse of a Hot Carl. The turd goes on the face before the saran wrap.
I gave that girl a hot mash the other night. It was awesome.
by herrsquidward November 12, 2007

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