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a band that sucks and there name means limp dick
this band is a limp bizket
by hellzo March 16, 2005
when two or more ducks culide
it was a four duck quacklishon
by hellzo March 11, 2005
when two ore more ducks colide
there was a quacklison
by hellzo March 11, 2005
all powerfull man god best at rpgs
omfg hellzo is here to destroy use all
by hellzo March 11, 2005
tatie hadow and gabrial hadow
people who have both male and female parts
by hellzo March 11, 2005
the god of all mormons
me and my friends came up with it so we could diss each other.
and you allso know why i call my self hellzo
we must sacrafice a goat to the grate god mormose
by hellzo April 06, 2005
my mighty big red god
satan is my god and he will rule you all
by hellzo March 11, 2005
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