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Fabric container generally used to carry books that is positioned on the back
"Are you going to take your backpack on the field trip?"
by hawk May 29, 2003
The first sympton of the severely painful STD known as donneria.
Ex: After a long night of dumplings and rough sex, Jane woke up to excruciating fwice on her genitals.
by Hawk April 07, 2004
1. a love, battle, relief cry.
2. victory chant
Origin Vicious the Bidi
Vicious exclaimed "SHOOOOOOOBISCUIT", after a long gulp of orange soda.
by Hawk April 09, 2004
A famous song by the Beatles. Supposed to be another description of cannabis in this particular track. Not to be confused with the norwegian forest.
I'm really stone on norwegian wood.
by hawk January 09, 2005
How you perceive the world around you.
if someone perceives your poop-shoot and your mouth as the same thing then your an asshole
by Hawk February 14, 2004
Any of various Asian slender long-tailed monkeys (family Colobidae) with bushy eyebrows and a chin tuft
your least favorite great-grandmother looks like a langur
by hawk May 29, 2003
Hey man Wassup! What are you saying?
yooooo! watchu saying! can't you see.. its my ass!!!

sporty gyal!!! wanna duel?
by Hawk October 19, 2003

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