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a difficult game, consisting of skill, endurance, and alright, spandex.
in the game, one will serve a ball, or toss it over the net several yards in front of you, then, run back up to your spot, try to 'set' the ball, and then spike the shit out of it, into someones face, preferably. however, on occasion, they, they being the dirty whores you are playing against, block it and it comes back and hits you in the face.
like i said, endurance and skill, might i add the ability to look graceful while being punched in the face by a ball going 15 miles an hour.
doesnt seem fast
but oh it is.
Sally pelted Barbara in the back in a high stakes game of volleyball.
by hambone January 30, 2005
A kind mention of a homey.
"I'd like to give a shout-out to my boy Lawson for throwing me this super fly party."
by Hambone June 18, 2003
when your penis (specifically urethra) gets...fractured
Bob rolled over with an erection, forming a penile fracture
by hambone October 19, 2003
n. brutish emphasis; typically rendered as something one "puts on" an activity.
Can you do it again? An' this time put some stank on it?!
by Hambone August 31, 2003
sexy in a slutty sort of way
"Look at Zachya in those fuck me boots. She's looking poonjestical tonight"
by Hambone March 31, 2005
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