Top Definition
An imaginary word made up by someone with no education past 2nd grade.
by Kenthar August 10, 2003
The correct pronounciation for Disney. Was never used because the Disney corporation is still trying to cover up its pro-NAZI heritage.
by Ricky Rat May 16, 2003
Disney's real name. Anyone who has at least passed 2nd Grade can see that Disney makes shitty movies and boring theme parks.
I wouldn't be surprised if DisNAZI already has its own animated "biography" of Hitler sitting in its warehouse right now, waiting for a future release.
by Jeff K. August 17, 2003
a term refering to somone as a nazi like a gangsta
disNAZI fully blew away my jew boy and his hommies. oh yeh Dat Nazi is fully sic
by Mina tor November 03, 2006

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