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11 definitions by hahaa

See sony roolz.
Sony Roolz is a 4F because all he ever talks about is how Final Fantasy is the best RPG ever.
by hahaa September 20, 2003
7 30
See Wapanese.
Basically it's a white kid who tries in vain to be more "Asian", but only ends up being the laughingstock of the Asians he desperately tries to imitate.
The Wasian tried to learn Japanese and was seen trying to eat Burger King fries with chopsticks.
by hahaa November 03, 2003
32 56
A delicacy in the rural regions of the southern United States.
The family by the bayou had two day old possum roadkill for dinner.
by hahaa October 10, 2003
58 86
The founder of DisNAZI, also known as Disneyland.
by hahaa June 02, 2003
42 73