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The act of using others and taking their possessions to fulfill one's own needs, but instead of calling it what it is ("theft") one attributes the new acquisition to one's ability to control metaphysical forces which redistribute goods. Most commonly used to describe dirty hippies "manifesting" marijuana or food.
"That damn, dirty hippy was complaining how he was out of herb, and low and behold, when he started rifling around in strangers' bags at the music festival, he managed to moochifest some smoke without paying for it!"

"That damn, dirty hippy had no money for food since he had no job, so he found a potluck and showed up empty-handed to moochifest a meal."
by guava c May 24, 2009
I am working very hard on developing some stuff.

(One's intonation will effect the exact meaning of this... i.e.:)

1. I am overwhelming the issue by investing WAY to much time and energy into it... like WAY too much butter on a muffin.

2. I am doing a CRAPPY job at this... just as blue bonnet is a crappy margarine substitute.

3. I am doing a skimpy job because the job I would do would be crap anyways... just like blue bonnet should be used sparingly. Being crap.
1. "You gonna hit that bitch?" "Oh yeah... she be drunk... I'm ON IT like BLUE BONNET!"

2. "Hey, are you finished photocopying that deposition?" *uncaring* "Uh, yeah, I guess... *sigh* I'm on it.. like blue bonnet"
by guava c August 23, 2009
The people who randomly wander around Vons grocery stores and parklots aimlessly, not seeming to have any goals or aspirations other than to be in your way.
"I just wanted to quickly jump into the store and buy a bottle of wine for the party I was late for, but it ended up taking THIRTY minutes due to the dodging and weaving I had to do to get through the obstacle course of vonzombies.
by guava c April 17, 2010
An individual that pays taxes and takes too many showers to be a hippy but likes music festivals and recycling too much to be a yuppie. They are quite self-satisfied, hence they are often heard shouting "yippee!" but it could be either referencing a good tax return OR a great electronic music set.
"The only thing that makes burningman bearable is the fact that the darn yippies bring in so much money and counteract the body odor of the yuppies."
by guava c May 25, 2009
To drag a third person along on an attempted date to make you look good and get things moving faster.
Dude, I'm totally carpooling tonight, and the freeway seems to be clearing up, but I just can't get my bro to leave!
by guava c April 23, 2011

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