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The act of two people laying end to end while simultaneously utilizing a double ended dildo for mutual pleasure.
Jeanette & Lorisa are in the back room carpooling.
by Agent J February 07, 2005
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When you cum inside a woman during anal. Then when she's goes to the bathroom, she's dropping her kids AND your kids off at the pool.
Woman after anal: I'm going to the bathroom.
Guy: Ha, bitch be carpooling.
by Dizzy Mendoza March 06, 2014
Carpooling- since sports make people tired out but yet they get exercise, carpooling can be considered a sport because you also get tired out by watching the people you are with in the car and making sure they dont cause trouble. and you get exercise by yelling at them and telling them to shutup and sit down so the cops dont see them when you run a red light.
by smexay! March 09, 2009

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