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meaning to smoke a cigerette
used by the younger generations as an excuse for leaving the house to smoke
MUM: Where are you going?
Child: Im going round to charles' house, i need to do some photocopying
MUM: ok then, thats fine
by sean kinsey February 01, 2008
10 1
The new computer lingo for copying photo's between any two of the following devices: Mac, PC, LT (Laptop), iPod, media, iPhoto, picasso, facebook amongst others.

Incidentally, it is often tight people that photograph their paper because they don't want to pay the measly 10¢ it costs to use an original photocopier.
When tayhimself was offloading his pics from his LT onto his shuffle of their recent forkét shooting, he was 'photocopying'.
by Kent Wes Jacobsen October 26, 2006
7 8