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41 definitions by griz

Similar to the old enjoyable verticle smile. It's a hoe's pussy yo!
Gotta love the grin.
by Griz November 16, 2004
40 52
Fuck a slut ass cunt whore in her ass.
After I busted in her stank ass pussy, I said bitch turn over, then I played the back nine.
by Griz April 18, 2004
10 27
Where you sit on some chicks nose and fart. Then your stank ass shit blows right into that bitches lungs.
Vince gave Tracy a gas mask and she loved it! Every time vince has got to fart tracy says, take off those pants and sit on my face.
by Griz October 30, 2004
4 22
A person who flufs someones nipples.
For the male it can sometimes have no effect whatsoever. Therefore it is a waste of fucking time.
A nipple fluffer is a person who wastes you fucking time. Get it sucka.
Damn nipple fluffers are always calling me trying to sell me shit.
Fuck those fucking fuckers!
by Griz November 23, 2004
8 28
This is where the participants of a wrecking crew race to finish.
Demolition Derbies are held every Wednesday night in Down Town Windsor.
Bring your hard hat and a bottle of KY.
by Griz November 22, 2004
4 34
One pimp ass guy.
Hey. What's up.
by griz April 17, 2004
15 50
That would be my dick again.
All these bitches wanna ride my
slip n' slide.
by Griz April 18, 2004
3 41