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This is where a person goes on a sexual drought.
It is a sexual metaphor describing a period of time where your garbage is not picked up weekly like it is supposed to be due to the striking garbage men.
Nobody likes it when the garbage men go on strike. Nobody.
by Griz December 13, 2004
When an individuals feet become skank like. By skank like I mean dirty.
Like a fucking whore.
Thoin was known to have a mean case of Skank feet down in PCB.
by griz April 17, 2004
It's my dick Bitch!
Um, swallow that gizza gazza you dirty little slut you.
by Griz April 06, 2004
Thats that crazy drunk sex
We gonna do that Cat man do ramer
by griz June 12, 2004
Similar to the Cleavland Steamer. The act of laying a fat shit on a bitches chest.
One time I was fucking this bitch and she was like.
You're done already?
I didn't say anything, I just layed the heat.
And walked away laughing!
by Griz April 19, 2004
That be when you give some slut a facial when you bust, then she has got jizz all in her eyes.
Chicks hate the pearl vision:
but they gotta respect it.
by Griz October 30, 2004
Looking for a slut ass hoe.
If you want to get some pussy, you'll have to shop the chop, cause if you get the chop, you'll get no pussy.
by griz October 17, 2004

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