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Similar to blue balls.
Usually acquired when ones sexual partner is not skilled in the sheets.
Shelia gave me a mad case of the grimmus dick. That whore needs to learn how to fuck!
by Griz April 07, 2004
That's when I am rubbing one out.
I am only hear to do the two fist shuffle.
by Griz April 18, 2004
Off the chain and out the cage.
Lets get this fucker crack-a-lackin.
by Griz April 13, 2004
Similar to the old enjoyable verticle smile. It's a hoe's pussy yo!
Gotta love the grin.
by Griz November 16, 2004
An activity in which many individuals proceed to insert hands and fingers into a large concentrated group of females.
Doug is a Finger Fucking Fest Beast.
He's all about the finger banging since he can't get his dick hard. He purposely walks between groups of girls at parties and tries to slide his hand up their skirt and pokes. Then he smells his fingers. Sick Fuck.
by Griz April 06, 2004
It's a fucking d-bag.
That silly apple john.
by griz April 20, 2004
That be when two slut ass bitches start from opposite ends of a row of guys and suck there way to the middle. The slut that sucks the middle guy off first is crowned the biggest slut.
When I was at the bar the dj said it's time for the go down showdown,
I was like what the fuck, then I was like sweet.
by griz October 17, 2004

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