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41 definitions by griz

Essentially it is duct tape. The name is given to the tape when you use it to wrap a hamster up so when you fuck it, it will not explode.
It's just too sick to think of an example.
by griz April 17, 2004
16 10
A homeless slut. yep
Sometimes you need a fuck so you go look for some hobo trout who will screw for a ham sandwich.
by Griz October 30, 2004
6 1
Another term for the money shot.
It's where you cum all over some skanks face.
Sometimes you just don't care, when that time comes, it's time to shoot the loot.
Or if your a porn star you get paid to do it. bitch
by Griz October 31, 2004
5 1
Your booty, my dick, and some liquor.
Sara loves badicker.
by griz March 25, 2004
19 15
It's my house bitch!
Just chillin at the hease.
by griz April 17, 2004
12 10
That be fucking a bitch ho.
I gonna lay the right right after I doosh push that ho.
by griz June 12, 2004
5 4
Some slut that can't get enough of the fiddle. And by fiddle I mean Dick, bitch!
Nancy is a fucking fiddle fiend! She is always ripping my pants open hoping to get a taste.
by Griz April 13, 2004
5 4