41 definitions by griz

When you shoot your sperm.
Cause when you cum you are letting the kids out. Ya know.
Kali loves recess, who doesn't.
by Griz October 31, 2004
Its the act of shooting a load on some bitches face.
Mug shots aren't just for convicts.
by Griz December 13, 2004
That be your turn to roll. Time for a G to shine. It's your time in the spot light. Ya get what I'm saying mother fucker!
Insane Vizzle got his shinizzle when artizzle went crazizzle!
You picking up what I'm laying down.
Steve Yizzle.
by Griz November 22, 2004
The sexual act of penetrating some hoes ass. Upon entry she becomes paralized.
Sandra asked me to put it in her butt, so I was like why the fuck not. Next thing you know the bitch went limp and started drooling on the fucking bed. I said fuck this, snatched her tv, and got the fuck out!
by Griz November 22, 2004
Nickname for a slut ass bitch.
We should go visit landing strip and eife that skank ass bitch.
by Griz May 02, 2004
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