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If Alan Funt is Gay or coherent enough to know what Gay means, he would probably produce a "You're on Candid Camera" version of "Glittered and Twittered!"

This is a non-physical form of Straight Bashing.

Twittered is to have your name put on Twitter.com without your permission and in not very good light. Examples: An embarrassing situation, or caught with the proverbial "Hands in the Cookie Jar" while maybe..., eating them in the closet?

For the 'Glittered' aspect of this phrase, you must revert to this website's definition of "Glitter."
Alan Funt would say, "Smile, you've just been Glittered and Twittered!"
#candid camera #i pod #beam me up scotty #gay #america
by gravy111 November 18, 2010
This is fun with terminology. The term is used to get a point of apocalyptic emphasis across, scare grandma, and yet do away with the long winded saying, "Put my ham and cheese sandwich in the microwave oven." A simple "Nuke this!" will do. Guaranteed is that no one will misinterpret this abbreviated sentence and turn on the oven gas burner. Of course, grandma may feel the urge to bean her grandson over the head with a metal hot plate! It seems that many a World War II "Flame Thrower' veteran may have used a similar meaning word with "grandma" during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the sixties!
All I said was 'nuke this' grandma; you can put that frying pan back in the oven!
#world war ii #microwave #cheese #apocalypse #cuban
by gravy111 November 14, 2010
A feeling "blue" coming of age adopted child, whose adoptive parents will not or cannot provide him with information on his or her birth family.

There is only one known worse situation than being condemned to adopted smurffdom. This added predicament comes instantly to mind, when recognized, is that the victim must face the world as a freckle-faced, red-headed, adopted step-child!
"I'm feeling sad and blue," said the smurffed adoptee after newly informed of his non-being status.
#adoption #rosie o'donnell' parenting #smurff #blue #adoptive parents
by gravy111 November 11, 2010
A multi 'be my honey' hived State belonged of these fifty united which, many feel that such taken land, the federal government should once again, immediately reintroduce above ground nuclear testing!
Utah is now abuzz and it's not for the bees!
#honey #bees #nuclear bombs #radiation sickness #hives
by gravy111 October 31, 2010
Ummpa, ummpa; this is us, and this shamelessly referenced Willy Wonka Gobstopping ploy might just work in an effort to keep a child from being Baby-Sklarred for life! See Urban Dictionary definition for Baby Glommer.
A New Jersey and other States - post infant adoption term used to describe the psychological trauma endured by a two year old adoptee whose adopted status was court ordered to its disruption or overturning. To said child it is irrelevant as to who retains eventual fault. The general reason for this occurrence is primarily due to low standard of adoption attorney ethics. N.J. State adoption statute N.J.S.A. 9: 3-39 1 b, c allows this type of skandalous working platform.
In a wrongful adoption, a Baby Glommer-Stopper is a whopper of a hero!
#willy wonka #gobstopper #rosie #unknown father #adoptee
by gravy111 November 22, 2010
To be Orved & Dunzed as the grandchildren would say but yet, still not know exactly why, constitutes this term ever the more humorous as an old money, high society knee-slapper of a joke. When used in its original full length format it can be soothing for the soul as comedic relief by these aristocratic snobs. This tells of their apathy in life, yet humorous notation of tragedy experienced by others same; who through some type of Wall Street disaster, had instantly lost all financial ability to maintain like social standing and living existence.

To be Orvilled and Dunsworthed is to meet financial Armageddon when 'rolled over' are all assets to pay an outstanding liability. To be Orvilled Nothing can dig out, these of the once affluent from said predicament. To be Dunsworthed …Except the grandchildren maybe? Orville Dunsworth is a dug from the grave character in the movie, “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things!”
It's not nice to make fun of the Orvilled and Dunsworthed!
#rosie #adoption #parenting #unknown father #kidnapping
by gravy111 November 22, 2010
"Instant Heat!" - We cannot nor will not forget Vinnie Johnson of the National Basketball League's Detroit Pistons. The original Sixth Man of the Year!
Now entering the game is the microwave oven, Vinnie Johnson!
#heat #oven #nba #basketball #sports
by gravy111 November 20, 2010
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