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In nature, a Morning’s Gloaming takes place at the exact moment the celestial sun emergences from out of its eastern horizon. Very few people see this birthing of a new day. It’s purported to strike a mesmerizing flash of emerald green light that is revealing of its own beauty and yet, seemingly resigned to disappearing just as quickly! In nature this mystery of a Morning’s Gloaming is meant to eternally take on just that purpose. This is not the given analogy for a Baby Gloaming!
In New Jersey child adoption law, – revised statute, N.J.S.A 9: 3-39 1 b, c - can process infant adoption in much the same way. There are those in the adoption industry who encourage this form of child procurement. We know it’s legally taking place, we just need to see the hidden injustice. These are the works of adoption agencies on the other side of a Baby Gloaming. In reality, this procedure is nothing short of a Soprano’s money laundering scheme! The only difference is that it is not the diapers being laundered. This infant could have been an Unknown Father’s son!
End note: If an adoptive parent falls under this Urban Dictionary’s definition for ‘Baby Glommer’ it is most assured that their colluding with practitioners of Baby Gloaming had transpired. I welcome your chance to dispute this definition of law as always.
The act of Baby Gloaming is to the State of New Jersey, the same as Money Laundering is to the Sopranos.
by gravy111 November 22, 2010
A self-mocking quip in answer to a questioning of the quality of your home at the annual Parade of Homes venue. Also demonstrative of the will and resistance to refrain from burning down a row of garishly displayed high-fallutin' mansions.

A phrase derived from the winning entry of the "Parade of Homes for the Down and Out." This is a custom built street person abode. The eclectic Hobo's answer to 'splendid living' and keeping up with 'Hobo Jones' affluent.

A mocking quip directed to you and your kind in gesture as to what you can afford in public housing. Addendum: Such directed quip would also convince one to burn down a row of garishly displayed high-fallutin' mansions.
My entry into this years Parade of Homes is The Livable Sardine Can.

Said one Hermit Crab to the other: Hey Gatsby, I see your Livable Sardine Can won this year's first prize in the Parade of Homes on Cannery Row contest!
by gravy111 November 15, 2010
The Afghanistan Terrorist percussion, guitar band Sobama, and its rendition of the Santana song, "Sampa Pa Ti."
I am Bin Laden and this song is for you. English
Yo soy Bin Laden y osama pa ti. Spanish
by gravy111 November 30, 2010
Pueblo, Colorado in these United States of America is the country's official "Home of Heroes" for Armed Services War Decorated. This Steel City is the hometown to four soldiers who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

President Dwight Eisenhower asked one of the awarded, "What is it..., something in the water out there in Pueblo? All you guys turn out to be heroes!
New York City has two..., the Home of Heroes has four soldiers who have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor!
by gravy111 November 29, 2010
The forced surrendering of license to operate a business that requires said license. Since, it is not conducive to profit from such action, this should raise a red flag. There must be underlying and mitigating factors involved. Look for conspiracy. A tip-off that there is sure colluding and government corruption in the mix is when the State Supreme Court send you a letter that states, "Your grievance, even if true would not constitute ethical misconduct or incapacity."

This really puts a kink in an investigation when a person needs the death of the corporation reversed so it can testify.

Corporate Suicide is an invention of Big Brother!
George Orwell was right Enron was a Corporate Suicide, children of the world will suffer!
by gravy111 November 28, 2010
Prospective adoptive parents who choose the birth mother at an early stage of pregnancy. They then gather information about race of birth father, with everything done in a very calculating manner. They will not consider adopting a child other than one that meets their standard. They are the customers of adoption facilities that epitomize these met standards. See Baby Glommer, and Baby Gloaming
Are you just day-dreaming or infantsizing?
by gravy111 November 24, 2010
As noted by New York City Street Police: Taking place in winter, this beat cop coined phrase is metaphorical in meaning, yet actually functional of purpose if conditions right:

This stupid human trick requires a minimum of four unknowing participants and one sleepy-head street dealer of flake cocaine. The phenomena usually takes place on the third calender day of the month, which of course is welfare, disability and social security check arrival time. It is during a blowing snowstorm that four or more appropriately attired individuals wait for said drug dealer. They stand at a light post in an orderly first come first served line. This arrangement, in effect, duplicates the function of a rural snow collecting drift fence.
I didn't know it was the third of the month; would you look at the length of that urban snow fence!
by gravy111 November 24, 2010
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