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As noted by New York City Street Police: Taking place in winter, this beat cop coined phrase is metaphorical in meaning, yet actually functional of purpose if conditions right:

This stupid human trick requires a minimum of four unknowing participants and one sleepy-head street dealer of flake cocaine. The phenomena usually takes place on the third calender day of the month, which of course is welfare, disability and social security check arrival time. It is during a blowing snowstorm that four or more appropriately attired individuals wait for said drug dealer. They stand at a light post in an orderly first come first served line. This arrangement, in effect, duplicates the function of a rural snow collecting drift fence.
I didn't know it was the third of the month; would you look at the length of that urban snow fence!
by gravy111 November 24, 2010
1. The result of an a finalized adoption overturning by a state supreme court. Which leads to:

2. The Adoption Attorney equivalent in denial, same as the Armed Forces denial of Post Stress Syndrome Disorder. Which leads to:

3. Corporate suicide of Adoption Agency See Corporate Suicide in Urban Dictionary

Sociological studies only now determining residual effects.
The truth was there but the adoption attorney hid it under allowance of state statute N.J.S.A. 9: 3-39 1 b, c, and now this child has an adoption babysklar for life!
by gravy111 November 24, 2010
The stage in a couple's relationship when it is not uncommon that they disappear for days at a time with no contact with the outside world. Hence, there is no general cause for worry or alarm. Analytically, this should mean the said couple is home and heavily engaged in consummating their love. This aspect is not necessarily the case these days. It is with today's many travel package get-away deals that this couple could have been "Trenchin' it in Cancun!"

End note: It is said that the term, "trench love" first came into use during World War I, somewhere in France.
"Why is it we never feel any trenched love anymore?"
by gravy111 November 23, 2010
Put them in the drink..., Shoot them out of the sky..., Give them a Mitsubishi Migraine that they'll soon forget. These are all terms heard during the South Pacific Theater in WWII. In this case, each one called for the downing of Japanese Zero Fighter Planes. "Splash the Zeros" was the phrase used in the movie, "The Final Countdown."

This "Splash" phrase and "These pretzels are making me thirsty" are opposite in meaning, but same of outcome for the intended purpose. See 'These pretzels are... in This Urban Dictionary' To splash the Zeros' is a privilege for the Urban Dictionary Editor who lives for the rejecting of idiotic and arcane stupidness reflected in most suggested definitions.
Splash the Zeros, I repeat, splash the Zeros, put'em in the deep blue!
by gravy111 November 29, 2010
One Un-romantic chick who will do anything for dope.
Leave her be, she's called the dope-less ho-mantic!
by gravy111 November 30, 2010
A movement to keep Justin Bieber from appearing at venue near you!
I just signed the local petition to outlaw the Bieber Sanction
by gravy111 November 30, 2010
This is when two individuals meet and maintain a friendship in the usual like manner. However, happening in a crowded social gathering, there comes a time when one of the two purposely meets the other with an openly flamboyant display of Gay dress and likewise ambiguous personal mannerisms. This planned act is demonstrative of the growing confidence in the world's Gay society to "put one on us" where the non-Gay feel the hurt!

To "Glitter" is the Gay sub-culture's attempt to market homosexuality in America. A new phenomena in global communication helps to accomplish just that... See 'Glittered and Twittered' in the Urban Dictionary.
Said one Gay to another, "I've been stringing along five of them for weeks now, tonight I'm going to glitter every one of their faces in one fell swoop!"
by gravy111 November 18, 2010
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