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This definition is accredited by means of going directly to the source of "Witty Banter" - England.

According to newly researched anthropological studies across the Big Pond, this form of human communication is best deciphered by its mood altering characteristics.

It is while playing Badminton, when two strictly Protestant, English homosexual men or women increase their sexual drive by striking at the "Birdie" and at the same time say something nuanced of their forthcoming and imminent carnal encounter. These statements describing said act, increase both subject's hormonal activity, which can then be monitored by the guttural inflection of voice.
Said one anthropology student to another, "Their exchange of witty banter could almost consider as orgasmic in deployment!"
by gravy111 November 15, 2010
To tire of, be weary of pushing the "Do No Publish" button on the Urban Dictionary Editorial Station.
These pretzels are making me thirsty, same these dry of humor or of any makable sense suggestions!
by gravy111 November 25, 2010
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