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A scale for determining a person's level of gayness. The scale runs from 1 (a straight person with an unintentional slight minciness in deportment) to 10 (Briggsy - the gayest of the gay).
See that guy with the pink lipstick and pink mini skirt?

The one with 8 guys wanking over him and a huge butt plug in his ass?

Yeah that one. He's number nine on the Briggsy scale.
by Gordy Frigmahole February 03, 2007
A very large sum of money. The term is a reference to the armies of rent boys used by Briggsy, the world famous gay modern artist.
How much do you owe hairy Dennis?

Lord knows! About as much as Briggsy's brothel bill.
by Gordy Frigmahole February 03, 2007
A type of ouija board used to communicate with grotesque dwarfs and gremlins.
Farmer Giles: I don't need a Briggsy Board to communicate with hideous midgets. I just need to phone DEFRA and ask for Mr Briggs.
by Gordy Frigmahole December 20, 2006
A magazine written by homeless artists. Started up by Briggsy this magazine has never sold a single copy because it is such pretentious bollocks.
Homeless artist: Briggs Issue, sir?

Normal person: Fuck off you arty scum.
by Gordy Frigmahole September 21, 2006
A gay stage musical starring arty dwarf Briggsy as a flying homosexual nanny. Most notable for the pornographic scene in which Briggsy penetrates the camp cockney chimney-sweep with his umbrella.
Briggsy Poppins? Worst musical since "Gay Jizzerables"
by Gordy Frigmahole December 20, 2006
An X-rated western film starring dwarf artist Briggsy as a gay cowboy who rides across the plains wearing only pink chaps and stetson. He is on a constant quest for cowboy ass. He lassos unfortunate lone horsemen and fistfucks them to oblivion, shouting "yee-hah" all the while.
Keep away from Briggsy's local gay bar or you'll end up with a cameo in the sequel to Briggsback Mountain.
by Gordy Frigmahole September 19, 2006
Tatty and hideously stained leather boots worn by pretentious modern artists. The arty wearer hopes that the filthy footwear will give the impression that art is hard work. This is actually pointless as everyone knows that its just one step removed from flower arranging.
Briggsy Boots are only worn by the lowest type of gay arty scum.
by Gordy Frigmahole December 20, 2006
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