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When you're banging a girl from behind, she's holding onto the headboard, and you knock her arms out from under her, her head plows into the headboard, just like a snowplow hits the road.
Dude, I just snow plowed this chic last night.
by google March 26, 2003
Metra, n. (aka Mitra) A goddess, usually referring to an extremely hot female or a woman exhibiting remarkably good looks.
Guy 1 "Damn man, did you see her? She is so unreasonably hot"
Guy 2 "Dude...you can't touch that shit. That's a Metra."
by Google December 08, 2004
..Insanely dumb. Like Metis.
Wow. Metis is the dumberest person evar.
by Google January 15, 2004
While playing Counter Strike a player blocks you from moving in any directions. A.K.A COCK BLOCKER!
You cocker!

I hate cockers.
by Google July 21, 2004
o0o yea i was right!!! (fachaaaa!!!)
Person: oh yeah your right
by google January 11, 2005
this is the grossest word i ever heard, if you use it you are sick
i cantven give one
by google April 22, 2004
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