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actually it should be Jabuticaba in Portuguese or Jaboticaba in English -

Brazilian evergreen tree: a Brazilian evergreen tree of the myrtle family cultivated for its clusters of fruit. Latin name Myrciaria cauliflora.

Early 17th century. Via Portuguese from Tupi iauoti`kaua .
the fruit is very tasty!
by Lego February 14, 2005
1) a tree really hard to say but v cool
2)the coolest word in the world not unlike the word fachalike a word u say like im right
1) wow look at that jabaticaba
2)omg i was right jabaticaba
by Kellsbells125 January 11, 2005
YOU STOLE MY WORD i was sposed to b the only one that was there and noone ever defined it b4 and then ur like ohhhhhhhhh i'm gonna b all technical bout hte tree minnnnnneee
i'm right so JABATICABA
by kellsbells125 February 16, 2005
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