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A definite and unmistakeable 'No'
Stevie : So are you goin to call the fat bird from that nightclub back for a shag then ?

Jon : Fuck That.


Girlfriend : Darling, Cuddles has ran out of catfood and he's hungry. I know its snowing babe but ive just done my hair, will you nip round the shop for some ?

Boyfriend : Fuck That.
by gobshite March 02, 2005
To be forcefully grabbed and shaken with such ferocity that the recipient resembles a ragdoll, usually occuring when a person has to restrain from more direct attacks for the sake of some bad concequences. For example nightclub bouncers/men with angry girlfriends/prison guards etc.
The cheeky twat thought he was a proper hard cunt til the bouncers ragdolled him all over the bar before chucking him out.
by gobshite March 02, 2005
To be on the losing end of a fight.
No wonder he got chinned, he was acting like a right tit
by gobshite March 02, 2005
The Arsehole
That girl I took home last night was dirtier than a tramps vest, and insisted I take her up the dinner dumper.
by gobshite July 04, 2009
A question presented to a person that has far outstayed their welcome and hence you intend to hasten their departure by thowing them through a pane glass window and into the street.
Pick a window ya cunt, yor fuckin leaving !
by gobshite March 02, 2005
Beer or other alcoholic beverages that fill the drinker with a passion to engage in fisticuffs with strangers
Two pints of fighting water please barmaid
by gobshite March 05, 2005
Of a female, to menstruate.
No chance of a poke tonight, my girl is flying the japanese flag.
by gobshite July 04, 2009
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