12 definitions by gobshite

To encourage someone to refrain from talking further codswallop.
Bill : I was approached by a scout last weekend during football training and he asked me if i wanted to sign a contract with Manchester United !

Ben : Shut your shite, you lying bastard.
by gobshite March 02, 2005
A derogatory term for someone you very much dislike, and are suggesting that they spend their spare time sniffing the inside seam of worn pants.
Going to that party sounds good, but that Peter will be there and he's a right pant sniffer
by gobshite March 02, 2005
The circular passages at the bottom of the nose. aka nostrils.
Get ya finger oot ya snot hole ye dorty get.
by gobshite April 12, 2005
To hit something off something as hard as you can
Watch me pint Dave, That bloke back there called me a dopey twat. Am gonna go take him outside an stott him off the car park
by gobshite March 05, 2005
A lurker on Chatroulette that watches with their web cam switched off
You never get to see anyone's faces on here, the site is full of mungers
by Gobshite February 14, 2014
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