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A food corporation that many Europeans blame all of America for and regard as "American food" ...even though most people in the US don't eat there as it's junk food/disgusting.

The cheapest food that the poor can eat other than canned pet food.

The first place burned and looted during anti-American demonstrations

Where fat people come from
Why are all those French people eating at the Paris McDonalds if they hate it so much?
by gingernyc September 03, 2007
1.What everyone who has never travelled to the US thinks Americans like to drink.
2.The favorite beer of underage teenagers in the US, because it's cheap and what they usually can get
Ewwwww, there's only budweiser left, lets leave.

Why is everyone in this Dublin pub drinking Stella or Budweiser?!
by gingernyc September 03, 2007
Used to describe a man who puts out like he's straight, but he only has anal sex with girls because he's really closeted/gay.
My ex-boyfriend is so gaynal... I want a real man who knows how to come in the front door.
by gingernyc August 30, 2007
A person from England. Nice enough people, very good beer, similar culture and sense of humor to that of the US. Except for the ones who need to constantly slag off/rag on the US, refering to it as "a colony" and insisting that Americans pronounce and spell words incorrectly because Americans have different customs etc...Basically Americans wish that the ex-pat Brits who act as if as if they ran the world would kindly leave. Not all brits are whinging poms, both Eric Idle and John Cleese have settled in the US and they seem to get along just fine. It's the British that seem to despise anything slightly different from home that we are sick of. The rest of you are welcome to come on over!

Just as there is the "ugly American" tourist stereotype, there are "Awful Brits" that travel around and give the English people in general a bad name. The British often "win" world's worst tourist titles because of this.

The british lout became upset that the word "color" was spelt without a "u" in the US and decided to pontificate about the superiority of the English. The nerve of another country - having different ways of doing things!

When the waiter mistakenly asked if he was Australian due to his accent, the British tourist loudly berated the man for being a "typically stupid American", not realising that the waiter was actually Canadian.
by gingernyc September 03, 2007
Sex where something is put up someones ass. Very painful and there is usually poop involved. Men who really are gay are into this.
He had anal sex with his girlfriend even though it hurt so much she cried. Why oh why didn't he just come out of the closet?
by gingernyc August 30, 2007
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