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A rare natural hair colour which inspires odd and sometimes fearful reactions from the more common coloured hair types. Typically redheads are believed to be more sexual than normal, highly artistic, fierce fighters, and to have a greater tolerance for pain than average. The sun is their only real enemy. Decendants of vikings. The Romans were said to have put red haired males born in the empire into training as soldiers since they were believed to be fierce warriors. Rome also gave up on taking Ireland due to the number of redheads they saw there.
Women with ginger hair are greatly admired in the US yet feared in the UK.

Being called a "Ginger" is an insult in England but laughable in the US.

Famous gingers/redheads: Vincent van Gogh, Thomas Jefferson, Eric the Red, Stan Laurel, Ron Howard, Katharine Hepburn, Maud Gonne, Maureen O'Hara, Shirley Manson, Ewan McGregor, Lindsay Lohan...etc...
by gingernyc August 29, 2007
Pathetic urban myth about anal sex and misogynist violence made up by virgins who don't get laid much. Besides being medically impossible (read a biology book folks, knocking someone out doesn't cause that effect), any gay male will tell you that smacking someone who you are having sex with will lead to you getting beaten to a pulp.
Men who talk big about "donkey punching some ho" are usually just too immature to admit that they are actually gay.
by gingernyc August 30, 2007
The descendants of the Irish who emigrated to the United States and raised over 6 million dollars for the Irish so that they could fight the Anglo-Irish war and establish the Irish Free State. Their families and grandchildren are made fun of for claiming kinship by the people of the Irish Republic who don't acknowledge the help they received from Irish-Americans, both politically and otherwise.

The Irish today would call the grandchildren of John Devoy, (a convicted Fenian deported in 1871 to America, where he enjoyed a long, dedicated life as a journalist, publisher, political leader, and gun runner for Irish independence )plastic paddys.
by GingerNYC March 31, 2008
A successful small US company with a good quality and environmental record that treats it's workers well and has a good product that people want to buy.Because of it's good customer service and product, the company does very well and expands, yet does not francise to maintain quality. So of course all the yuppie noveau hippies and poser hipsters hate it in a kneejerk way because it's "the Man". How dare people patronize a store that makes a consistently decent product! They should patronize the crap local coffeehouse that employs the loser hipsters who cannot make a decent latte to save their lives, as it's more "authentic".
I thought you hated Starbucks Josh, what's with the latte?
by gingernyc September 03, 2007
Now extinct New York City Westside Irish Mob, famous in the 70s-80s for their extreme violence. They controlled the Hells Kitchen area of midtown Manhattan, and the construction unions. They killed more people, more violently, than any other organized crime group in New York City in their time. Heads, hands, genitals and other pieces of dispatched enemies were kept as trophies at the Westies hangout, the Sunbrite Bar on 10th. Most surviving members of the gang are serving long prison sentences. Hell's Kitchen is now a Yuppie neighborhood
The 1990s movie "State of Grace" is based on the Westies.

Even the Mafia was afraid of the Westies. They considered them violent, unpredictible, "crazy m*therf*ckers" that couldn't be reasoned with.
by gingernyc August 29, 2007
As the United States is so large and comprised of so many various immigrants, people often refer to their heritage. Americans pride themselves on the "meting pot" culture, as it has always been a big part of the strength and adaptability of their country as a whole. So an American might say that they are Italian, Polish, Russian or Irish - they do not mean that they are those nationalities, this is usage within the context of America.

Hyphenated Americans tend to have cultures slightly different from mainstream American culture; habits and traditions brought over from the countries their family emmigrated from. Many retain the drinks, food, language, customs,and music of their heritage. They also tend to look like their cultural background...Italian, Irish, Indian, Polish etc... Some Europeans feel that they are aping the culture of European countries, but often they are just acting as they were brought up to act by their European born parents. Whether Irish-American, Russian-American, Italian-American etc...they all share some cultural characteristics with the countries their families left.It really is not such a big deal, all countries with heavy immigration do the same, such as Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. Americans get the most flack for it though.

Tony Soprano (although fictional)is considered Italian/Italian-American when in America. He is an American first, but he is also from Jersey and is Italian American. Italian-American, his Hyphenated Americans group, is just a statement of his cultural background.
by gingernyc August 29, 2007
English people with Irish heritage, basically exactly the same situation as Irish-American but sub out the American for English. English-Irish are sometimes looked upon as not real Irish because their families had to emmigrate.
London Irish or English-Irish are sometmes considered "not Irish" by the Irish born, just as Irish-Americans are looked upon as not "Irish"....except for Shane MacGowan of course, he's Irish even if he's really English.
by gingernyc August 29, 2007

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