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When testicles are placed in the eye sockets. One testicle must be placed in each eye socket while the recipient is sleeping.
I will administer the Arabian night goggles to Nate in Washington.
by Gilly April 12, 2004
A combination of three and five. Taken from a SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketch.
"...And you wrote...Threeve. A combination of three and five. Simply stunning."
by gilly March 06, 2005
An out of control drunk person.
Dude, your being a total burv!
by gilly September 08, 2003
the act of being transported from one place to another. code word for being tranformed. see "transformation"
To achieve total displacement, Fusey will lead the way.
by Gilly October 30, 2003
1)A word used to describe a person who's gender cannot be confirmed.

2)A small hairy creature that lives in Palestine. No one is quiet sure of it's whereabouts.
I spotted Brotherabe at the 7/11 with a pair of skid marks.
by gilly March 06, 2005
The unofficial term for gootch. The place between your anus and scrotum.
lick my aintya(really gootch).
by Gilly April 12, 2004
In the middle of nowhere in Virginia... Central is the better of Shenandoah County...
Good 'Ole Woodstock...

"what you doing tonight?"
"hanging out at Wal-Mart!"
by Gilly January 29, 2005

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