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The state of being distracted, solely by a woman's breasts.
I couldn't concentrate at work after the breastraction that my female co-worker had caused me.
by gerlitzappel October 21, 2006
the porno superhighway now misnamed "the internet" because of all the news and information sites that have started to overrun it.
Jason "Dammit, I can't seem to find the porn through all these stupid news sites. I remember the good old days on the pornonet when CNN.com stood for Cans Nipples and Navels."
by gerlitzappel October 20, 2007
the unexplainable feeling of hunger one gets once they pass through security at the airport, no matter how much they pigged out prior to their arrival.
Annette "Why am I so freaking hungry? I just ate a huge breakfast!"
Jason "Must be terminal munchosity, I think the airports pump oxygen through the ventilation system to make people crave food."
by gerlitzappel October 11, 2009
A rumor so good you can taste it.
Bob "Did you here that Susan is getting a boob job?"

Bob's Wife "No I didn't, but that is truely rumorlicious"
by gerlitzappel June 21, 2007
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