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97 definitions by gerard irick

is a sudden change in someone's behavior such as friendly to irritable and polite to hostile
Its hard to know where a person is about if their moody.
by Gerard Irick January 23, 2010
to show regards to another with acknowledgement,politeness,and consideration
How can you not respect somebody for handling their business?
by Gerard Irick February 28, 2009
a lists of chores and/or errands given to a man by his wife or girlfriend
Men rather do other things then tend to a honey do list.
by Gerard Irick May 20, 2010
to address an issue by speaking in a way that appears pleasant and not offensive
Sometime you have to be upfront and not sugarcoat anything to people
by Gerard Irick February 08, 2010
someone who loses their temper easily
Be careful what you tell Phil because he could be hot headed sometimes.
by Gerard Irick December 14, 2009
to become insanely enraged
The woman snapped and killed her husband.
by Gerard Irick December 01, 2009
anything that causes an unpleasant emotion such as fear,disgust,& repulsion
That house at night looks creepy.
by Gerard Irick April 08, 2011