97 definitions by gerard irick

anyone involved in a misfortunate situation such as ridicule,injury,death,taken advantage of etc.
No one should be a victim of anyone's abuse.
by Gerard Irick March 11, 2009
to make romantic and /or intimate advances and gestures at someone
At a social gathering you see most people flirt with one another
by Gerard Irick February 02, 2010
to be inspired by strong emotions
She is passionate about the work she does.
by Gerard Irick May 07, 2010
to express discomfort and/or dissatisfaction
Most people are not happy when they complain.
by Gerard Irick December 07, 2009
to become insanely enraged
The woman snapped and killed her husband.
by Gerard Irick December 01, 2009
Someone who makes the initiative to take action
In order to be assertive you have to be motivated
by Gerard Irick November 10, 2010
to address an issue by speaking in a way that appears pleasant and not offensive
Sometime you have to be upfront and not sugarcoat anything to people
by Gerard Irick February 08, 2010

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