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97 definitions by gerard irick

someone who is unhappy and unpleasant
People who are miserable never look at the bright side of things.
by Gerard Irick September 07, 2009
46 21
someone who freely expresses their feelings and their thoughts
Those who are outspoken could be considered rude to some.
by Gerard Irick September 30, 2011
31 7
Someone who makes the initiative to take action
In order to be assertive you have to be motivated
by Gerard Irick November 10, 2010
37 16
anyone involved in a misfortunate situation such as ridicule,injury,death,taken advantage of etc.
No one should be a victim of anyone's abuse.
by Gerard Irick March 11, 2009
45 25
to show regards to another with acknowledgement,politeness,and consideration
How can you not respect somebody for handling their business?
by Gerard Irick February 28, 2009
36 16
anything that causes an unpleasant emotion such as fear,disgust,& repulsion
That house at night looks creepy.
by Gerard Irick April 08, 2011
46 27
to request something in a forceful urgent manner
The lady was very demanding with the people on the phone.
by Gerard Irick January 11, 2010
25 6