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97 definitions by gerard irick

someone who's helpless and incompetent
Oscar is so useless that he has trouble even screwing in a light bulb
by Gerard Irick February 27, 2009
someone who is unpredictable but yet irresponsible
No one should with someone who is unstable because they can cause problems for you in the long run.
by Gerard Irick November 01, 2010
someone who cannot control their emotional behavior
Some people can act immature when they feel they are attacked.
by Gerard Irick March 24, 2010
is when both parties plan to cooperate so they both can be satisfied and have their separate needs met
In order for a marriage to work you have to compromise.
by Gerard Irick July 16, 2009
someone who looks down on others based on superficial factors
A snob can't stand anyone different from them.
by Gerard Irick December 14, 2010
a phrase used when working with another & their performance is making you work harder
Frank you're killing me lift up your side of the table.
by Gerard Irick September 03, 2011
someone who too attentive to their needs and desires
A person who is self-indulgent tends to shut out the world.
by Gerard Irick November 23, 2010