97 definitions by gerard irick

someone who's helpless and incompetent
Oscar is so useless that he has trouble even screwing in a light bulb
by Gerard Irick February 27, 2009
someone who exaggerates or emphasize their emotions
Diane is a real drama queen she can make a mountain out of a mole hill.
by Gerard Irick August 25, 2009
to irritate another by nitpicking
I don't mean to be busting chops but you missed a spot on the floor.
by Gerard Irick March 12, 2010
to browbeat someone with harsh criticism
Don't lecture me on how to do things.
by Gerard Irick March 19, 2010
someone who cannot control their emotional behavior
Some people can act immature when they feel they are attacked.
by Gerard Irick March 24, 2010
to draw attention by unwittingly embarassing themselves
Kayne West made a spectacle of himself at the grammy awards.
by Gerard Irick September 14, 2009
a moment where there's humor and having fun
There's nothing wrong with being light-hearted at times to break the formality.
by Gerard Irick March 01, 2010

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