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13 definitions by george tedbetter

An exclamation used instead of saying "what the hell." When one is either amazed, shocked, or confused, one can employ the use of "shwen."
Person 1: That guy died from drinking too much water.
Person2: Shwen!!!

Person 1: That hot girl is magurting you, you should go talk to her.
person 2: Shwen! maybe I will...
by george tedbetter July 23, 2006
A code name for a " Random Drunk Beazzy, "
Where are the RDB's at bra brah??

There were dumbass RDBs at that party last night. ( dumbass=alot )
by george tedbetter July 23, 2006
to smoke marijauna generally a blunt
im feelin to smeez a bleez yadada. ( bleez=blunt )
by george tedbetter July 24, 2006
a noun used to define someone who is a leech and/or a user. Term derived from a stoner who used people for weed.
"dude, stop macking me" = stop taking my shit/using me

" that dude is such a mac " = what a user/ leech/bum
by george tedbetter July 17, 2006
slang for a swisher sweet which is split, emptied, and filled wit grapes.
stop by da store and pick up a swisha house cuz im feelin to get tacked yadadadadadadameeeen
by george tedbetter July 24, 2006
a slang word for grapes from the town ( oakland )
you got yo tease bluhd?

you cant even speak on tha tease until you go to the town and jus blow.
by george tedbetter July 24, 2006