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11 definitions by gentleneal

Black people time or BPT is the abridged way of saying "Whenever the h I feel like it" which is Usually 15-30 minutes later than advertised
Philip:Wasn't the the president's speech supposed to start at 8:00 its already 8:30

Ta'Nara: The White house runs on Black People time now
by Gentleneal June 26, 2011
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a phrase uttered by someone before they ruin a movie/book/video game and by extention the next 3 days for you
Neal:How was the movie?

Jose:Spoiler alert


Jose:The monster in super 8 is *censored*

Neal: Curse you
by Gentleneal June 11, 2011
26 18
Partiality to friends, expressed by appointment of them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications.
Through Cronyism Dick Cheney became vice president
by GentleNeal May 10, 2011
6 2
acronim for pretty huge dick
Jay: I have a PHD

Nick: What could a moron like you have a PHD in?
Jay:In your mom
by Gentleneal April 24, 2012
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When you unintendingly say something that can be taken in a dirty (double entendre) but you mean't it in a clean way
Guy:Man you're really pwning me at this game I take it you know your way around a joystick

Girl:What are you trying to say...

Guy:Oops Double unentendre
by Gentleneal September 02, 2011
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When a girl takes a profile pictures only showing one side of their face making it look so rediculously good that you forget her face even has 2 sides, usually compensatig for something on the other side
Guy1: Did you she Brenda's new profile picture she looks so fine that I inboxed her asking her out on friday

Guy2: Yeah from The Angle shes using you can't even tell tell that she was severely burned over the whole left side of her body

Guy1:Wait WHAT!
by Gentleneal November 27, 2011
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A word or phrase that has no potential to be used in a youthamism for something dirty way what so ever
Girl:Last night in bed told me he was going to change my light bulb

Friend:that is was huge innuendon't
by Gentleneal September 01, 2011
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