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Combination the the terms jerking off and working out to describe the act of using a Shake Weight to exercise
Bob Prefers Working Off alone in his room to avoid judgement from his family
by Gentleneal January 23, 2011
Word play on the Musical term D-natural. Implying that a girl has natural D-cup breasts, The D is interchangable with B,C, or even F. opposite to the term A-flat
John: Sasha is so Fine
Noah: I know right shes the hottest D-natural I've seen ever seen
by Gentleneal July 06, 2011
A women that a gay man has pretend to be his girlfriend infront of his parents/family usually a close friend to hide or cover the fact that he is gay
Ken uses Barbie as his Cover Boobs in Toy Story 3
by Gentleneal January 21, 2011
a Black person of African American that acts like a sterotypical white person
Tywan:Hey wheres Deandre

Sanita: He out hiking with his new frinds Jacob and Keith

Tywan:What! hes turning into a real African't American

Sanita:Not only that he ask me to just call him Andre now
by Gentleneal July 01, 2011
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